Pregnant Women Share Their Hilariously Dumb Pregnancy Brain Moments

It goes without saying that being a parent is hard work.

You’re constantly working around the clock to make sure your child is healthy, happy, and alive. Apparently, the latter is the most important one.

When you’re a parent, you have a full-time job. You have a tiny boss who won’t be too happy if you delay in attending to his every need.

When I say it’s a full-time job, it really is!

You’re constantly playing ‘mom’, 24/7, with very few breaks, not bonuses, and no holidays. You’re stuck with this job for at least the next 18 years of your life.

God help you if you have more than one child too, I know I couldn’t manage it!

There are so many things about being a parent which are hard. Like trying to find a way to convince your child there are no monsters in the closet. Because let’s be honest. You don’t want to check the closet in case you were wrong.

Becoming ‘mom’ is hard, because when your pregnant most women suffer from ‘pregnancy brain’, where moms tend to get forgetful, or not be fully aware of the silly things they’re doing.

While it may sound stupid, it’s a natural and normal thing that happens to everyone!

Here are a few hilarious ‘pregnancy brain’ moments that will make you feel better about all those silly mistakes!

1. Whoops!

“I walked into the house and thought, I should check the answering machine. I then stood in the kitchen trying to remember where the answering machine was until I realized I haven’t had an answering machine in over 12 years.”

2. Hit Start

“I couldn’t get the microwave to work — I kept pushing the start button but it wouldn’t turn on. When I started crying my husband walked over, closed the microwave door, and hit start. It worked.”

3. Cash Register

“I was running the register at work and tried to swipe a $20 bill through the credit card machine. I then stood there looking at it like ‘Why isn’t this working?’”

4. Lunch Time Fun

“I packed my hubbie’s lunch in the morning, then at lunchtime got a photo from him of his sandwich with nothing in it! Just two pieces of bread.”

5. Forgetful Parent

“I filled my car with gas and drove off. Moments later I was down the road when a police car pulled me over. I still had the cash in my hand. The officer was nice enough to take it back to the gas station for me.”

6. Unlock The Door

“I tried to unlock the front door of my apartment with my car key’s unlock button. I also dialed a phone number into the microwave.”

7. Texting The Cat

“I tried to text my cat and tell him I missed him. I started crying when Crookshanks wasn’t in my contact list.”

8. Gift Card

“I asked my sister how much a $50 gift card would cost to buy.”

9. Knife In The Cheese Drawer

“I never told anyone in my family I did it. I cut a piece of cheddar off a block, then put the cheese in the drawer I’d gotten the knife from, the knife in the cheese drawer in the fridge, and my plate of cheese and crackers in the sink. I walked out of the kitchen and sat down on the couch, totally forgetting why I’d even gotten up.”

10. Frozen

“I left the TV remote in the freezer…twice. Lost it for days at each time.”

11. Hospital Visit

“I was filling out pre-admittance forms for the hospital and completely forgot how old I was. I couldn’t remember the year I was born or anything. Fortunately, my doctor’s office happened to call and I asked the nurse my age.”

12. The Ladies Room

“I went to the toilet, tried to flush it by flicking the light switch on and off, then complained when it wouldn’t flush. I was there for a good five minutes.”

13. What’s A Nose

“I completely forgot the word ‘nose’ and proceeded to say he has a spot on that thing between his eyes.’”

14. Handy

“I couldn’t remember the word ‘hand.’ Called it an ‘arm foot’ for hours.”

15. Cooked Eggs

“I was trying to cook eggs in the pan but nothing was happening. I finally realized the stove wasn’t on. I’d been watching raw eggs for 10 minutes.”

16. Unopened Jars

“By the time I gave birth there were easily seven unopened jars of peanut butter in the pantry because I could never remember if we had any or not when I was grocery shopping. After the seventh jar I actually cried when I got home and found them all. I was convinced I was losing my mind.”

17. Hand Soap

“I used hand soap instead of dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher.”

18. Baby Brain

“I was attempting to take my prenatal vitamins, but instead of pouring out the vitamins, I poured my water bottle on my hand. Then I cried for 10 minutes.”

19. Nap Time

“I had a 9-month-old son the second time I was pregnant. One day, my friend came over and asked where my son was. Frantic, I searched all downstairs for him, threw cushions around, toys and everything else but couldn’t find him. I broke down crying at having lost my son until my friend went upstairs and found him asleep in the cot. Apparently I’d put him down for a nap, but didn’t remember.”

20. Backward Ways

“I put my jeans on this morning and they just felt weird. They weren’t covering my butt right or staying up. I couldn’t figure out why. After about 45 minutes I looked down and realized I had been wearing my jeans backwards all morning.”

21. Scatterbrained

“I don’t think my husband really understood until last night just how scatterbrained it can make a woman. Exhibit A:
I was in the kitchen and meant to bring him a soda when I went back into the living room. A few minutes later, he gets up to get a soda, so I remind him I just brought him one. Turns out I actually brought him a pack of ramen noodle seasoning…”

22. Thanksgiving

“We were in England for a baby moon trip around thanksgiving and being from Florida we were quite bundled up for our journey. We had walked into a pub for some dinner and this place was PACKED! I had taken off my gloves, hat and scarf and had unzipped my jacket but was still wearing it since we didn’t have a table yet. When we finally got to a table and I took my jacket off I didn’t notice that my sweater and shirt had balled up to the top of my belly. I was now standing in the middle of a super crowded restaurant with my entire belly hanging out and only barely covered by the stretchy top of my maternity pants. I didn’t realize until two women had given me a look of pity and I was so embarrassed. If I wasn’t so hungry I probably would have made DH take me somewhere else to eat.”

23. Uncle And Aunts

“I forgot my Uncle’s name as well as my aunts and cousin. That whole off shoot, I just could not for the life of me remember any of their names. I mean, they had been a part of my family for my whole life, I was super embarrassed. This happened with my first pregnancy.”

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