15 Dangerous Roads You Should Visit Before You Die

It’s a big world and there’s so much for us to see and explore.

There are some of us who won’t get the chance to explore the world outside their country, let alone travel the whole world.

But, with that being said, everyone should try and see something wonderful before they die.

For some people, that’s the Tower of Pisa, Stonehenge, or even climb a mountain.

However, I’m aiming for something a little different.

Roads can be wonderful things. They take us from point A to point B while providing a view to die for (from time to time).

They can be found in the weirdest places. But there are some roads that are very dangerous!

I’d love to drive along these roads at least once before I die!

Take a look at some of these incredible and deadly roads you did to drive down before you die!

Atlanterhavsein -Norway

The Atlanterhavesin is locally known as the Atlantic ocean road.

This deadly road is in Norway, and it has a view to die for. While the view is beautiful, it comes with a rather treacherous road ahead.

The road is actually built on a collection of small islands, each stretch of road for roughly 5 miles.

That means a small stumble on the road will land you straight into the water! 

Stelvio Pass – Italy

The Stelvio Pass is breathtakingly beautiful, that stretches on for 15 miles which are full of hellish turns (48 to be exact).

Often drivers have to drive around 180-degree turns, but that’s not all. This road is 9000 feet in the air! 

Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

The Sichaun-Tibet Highway in China is currently responsible for killing 7,500 out of every 100,000 people that drives onto it.

This number is even higher when you learn that the road is only 2,142 km long.

To make matters worse, this road isn’t properly paved, meaning when it rains, cars are prone to getting stuck in the mud for weeks at a time! 

This highway is also prone to avalanches and rock slides too! Actually, I think I’ll just take the train!

Leh Manali Highway – Northern India

If you are afraid of heights, chances are the Leh Manali Highway is not the best road for you to travel on. The highest highway in the world, it stretches a massive 11,578 feet upwards. This is not one road you can afford to make a mistake on. What makes this road even more terrifying is the fact that you are essentially driving on crumbling dirt. Tourists often travel to this road, unaware of the perils it poses.

This highway is the highest highway in the world, and it stretches a massive 11,578 feet upwards! Just the thought of it is making me dizzy!

This is not one road you can afford to make a mistake on, especially when you learn that your just driving on crumbling dirt. Tourists often travel to this road, unaware of the perils it poses.

James Dalton Highway – North Alaska

The Jams Dalton Highway, North Alaska, is a tricky road to drive, even for the best well-traveled drivers.

This road is prone to become slippy because of the snowy weather, so one wrong move and you’re done.

It stretches over 415 miles, and it’s mainly used by long road oil trucks.

Karnali Highway – Nepal

This road is a road made from nightmares. It’s incredibly narrow, and stretches over 155 miles long!

I hope you’re not prone to claustrophobia! 

Each year this road leads to 50 deaths, but this road can’t be avoided as it’s an integral part of travel for people living in Surkhet.

After all, it’s the only road that connects with the town of Jumla.

Skippers Canyon – New Zealand

While its name makes it sound like a walk in the park, Skippers Canyon is the complete opposite. 

It’s true that the cliffs surrounding the road are beautiful, they are also incredibly dangerous.

All it takes is one wrong move and you’ll be tumbling to your death down the canyon. 

Commonwealth Avenue – Philippines

The Commonwealth Avenue in the Philippines is 7.5 miles long, however, it is 18 lanes wide.

So, it’s only natural that this weird sizing causes a bit of confusion, and of course accidents.

To make matters worse, this road also gets a lot of foot traffic, which causes a lot of accidents. 

Eshima Ohashi Bridge – Japan

This road may seem like a crazy rollercoaster, but it’s actually one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

It has a gradient of 5.1% on one side and 6.1 % on the other. 

I hope you don’t suffer from car sickness because this road will have you feeling sick in no time!

North Yungas Road – Bolivia

Death Road starts in the Bolivian capital of La Paz and leads on into the town of Chulumani, making it 40 miles long.

But each year 200-300 people die from accidents on this road. The constant rain and fog, along with the rock falling during summer made this a dangerous road to travel on. 

BR-116 – Brazil

BR-16 is also known as the highway of death.

It’s actually the second largest road of Brazil, it stretches just over 2,200 miles.

But what makes it dangerous? Well, this expansive road is covered with potholes, and the whole highway is poorly maintained.

The sides of this road are also full of thieves, meaning anyone who uses this highway is going to be hassled out of their cars.

Kabul-Jalalabad road – Afghanistan

The Kabul to Jalalabad road in Afghanistan is pretty dangerous for a few reasons.

This road is a major hub of terrorist violence, but that’s not the only problem. Overspeeding is a serious problem here and it often leads to some pretty serious car crashes. 

The number of deaths is so high here that people have stopped keeping track.

Guoliang Tunnel – China

Because this tunnel is a popular tourist destination a lot of people travel here on foot.

This incredible road was actually made by 13 villagers, who lived in Taigang Mountains and needed a tunnel that connected them to the outside world. Though it took five years to create, this tunnel is 0,75 miles long, 13 feet wide and 16 feet tall.

People still drive on this road, but it’s often dubbed as the “Road that tolerates no mistakes”. 

Trollstigen road – Norway

This road will put your turning skills to the test.

“The Troll Ladder” is one of the world’s most dangerous roads because of it’s sharp incline (9%) which makes those turns sharper than ever!

Zoji Pass – India

Scared of height? Then don’t use the Zoji Pass!

This dangerous road is roughly 3,528 miles above sea level, meaning it’s not for those faint-hearted.

The road is closed down in winter because it is impossible to drive through in harsh weather conditions.

But despite the risky drive, it does give you the best view of the Himalayas!

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