19 Times Celebrities' Social Media Posts Were Truly Embarrassing

Most of us, myself included, have a flawless image of what celebrities are like in our heads.

Celebrities are glamorous 24-7, and they’re always dressed in their best with not a single hair out of place.

This unrealistic expectation often helps to remind us that celebrities are ‘different’ from us. They’re more experienced in the world.

Obviously, this isn’t true. If anything this train of thought helps us alienate ourselves from those elites of Hollywood.

But the truth is that celebrities are just like us, and sometimes they decide to wear something that really doesn’t suit them or reminds us of something else!

Celebrities are quite frequently idealized by us and the media.

We like to think of them as perfect, but the truth is, they’re far from that!

It’s hard being a celebrity because there’s always a constant pressure to look your best no matter what.

Embarrassing moments are just as common for celebs as they are for us!

From forgetting to say someone’s name correctly, or posting something very stupid online.

But thankfully awkwardness isn’t just reserved for people like us, it’s for everyone, and I mean everyone!

What’s often forgotten when it comes to celebrity life, is behind all the glitz and glamor, they are human beings who screw up from time to time.

Here is a collection of infamous posts that celebrities probably shouldn’t have posted online.

These awkward posts will leave you laughing in your seat!

1. Not Beyonce

Even Beyonce isn’t exempt from making photoshop mistakes in all her selfies!

2. Ashton Kutcher

Hey, Ashton, there are these things called words. Use them.

3. Mother And Daughter

This would be a really sweet mother and daughter selfie is North’s head wasn’t cut out!

4. Wrinkle Free

Aww, that was very nice of Kris’s photo editor to get rid of Ramsey’s wrinkles too!

5. Under Age Drinking

Maybe posting a picture of your child and his friends holding alcohol isn’t such a great idea!

6. Maybe Not

Maybe celebrities and Twitter aren’t a great mix together? Should we cut them off it?

7. No Hard Feelings

Beyonce posted this throwback picture… So I guess there are no hard feelings amongst her old bandmates, right?

8. Spoiler Alert

Maybe posting spoilers to your show is not the best idea!

9. No Makeup

It doesn’t look like Katy was too happy about her ex-husband, Russel Brand, posting a picture of her without makeup on.

10. Rant And Rave

It looks like Rob is a big fan of airing his dirty laundry.

11. Retweet Me, Please?

Apparently, she never reached 100,000 retweets so her album’s not out yet!

12. A Bit Rude, Right? 

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works! Plus, talk about being rude!

13. Editing Photos

You’d think the Kardashians would pay someone who could actually edit to edit their photos.

14. Paid Advert 

Hmm, I wonder if he was paid to post this Instagram photo?

15. Send Me Make Up Please

If your asking for more makeup, at least spell the guy’s name correctly, that’s just called good manners!

16. You Can’t Make Me

Well, is Lindsey trying to get out of paying her fair share of taxes? Tut, tut, tut!

17. Rock, Paper, Spelling

This is why you should always check what you’ve written before posting it!

18. Kim Kardashian

Wow, great parenting there Kim! Keep on doing a good job!

19. No Offense

How would you even possibly do that?

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