25+ Life Hacks So Good You'll Want To Use Them Right Now!

We’re always looking for those little tips and tricks that will make our lives easier.

Whether it’s something that has been passed down the generations from your great, great, great, great… great grandmother, or something that you just improvised right now. All we want is an easier life! It doesn’t really matter how you come about it!

Sometimes we have a moment of inspiration that helps us all out. It’s pretty rare that you’ll have an idea so good it’ll help more than just you out, though.

So when an idea comes along like that, folks like these have shouted it from the rooftops!

Check out these everyday MacGuyvers, making life easier for everybody one hack at a time!

1. If you’re moving house anytime soon, this is an amazing way of transporting your clothes on their hangers

Amazing, or amazingly lazy? Who the heck can tell? I guess that’s what hacks are all about!

2. Well this is just revolutionising my life already, I can tell

No more fiddling around with those stupid twist tabs, or using clothing pegs like a freakin’ sap!

3. If you need to drill holes in a super specific place, take a photocopy of whatever it is you’re hanging up as a guide!

Well, I can tell that the home improvement fans out there will be loving this sound piece of advice.

4. Take a leaf out of this guy’s book: he’s taking a long distance photo with his phone through binoculars, with a pencil behind his ear!

If it’s stupid, but it works, then it isn’t stupid!

5. Keep the bag inside a bin with these sticky reusable picture hooks

Well that just works like a freakin’ charm!

6. Make you kid their very own DIY sand pit with a mini tent!

I wish I had one of those when I was a kid, it looks amazing!

7. Lost something teeny tiny? Well just slide some tights of stockings over the nozzle of your hoover and go hunting!

The fine mesh will stop your little doodad from getting sucked up the tube, and you’ll find it in no time!

8. This person has cracked drying all their shirts at once wide open!

Why have I never thought of that before?

9. Did you know that Lego figures make excellent cable tidies?

I mean, they’re definitely not pleased about it, but they’re willing to help out in a pinch!

10. Plonk some ice cream in that ’empty’ jar of Nutella for a delicious dessert

Don’t give up! A jar of Nutella isn’t empty until I say that it’s empty!

11. Level up your microwave cooking with this ingenious hack

Twice the warming power with half of the effort!

12. If your dog hates taking a bath or shower, peanut butter smeared on the bathroom wall makes for an excellent distraction method!

Just make sure you clean it all up properly, or the next visitor to your bathroom will wonder what the heck has happened!

13. The ol’ spare front door key under a plant pot trick… but with an awesome twist!

If there are any burglars reading this… forget you ever saw that! Do not look under that rock!

14. You have to admit, this family’s method of making sure even the photographer is in the picture is some next level stuff

It also makes for a wonderfully strange family portrait!

15. The inventor of the hands-free bunk-bed tablet holder is really winning at life

You know, winning enough at life to still be sharing a bedroom with their little brother.

16. I had no idea that something as simple as a tennis ball could make such a useful handy item!

Look at that guy nomming that pen! How adorable!

17. This kid has gotten himself a freakin’ DIY jetpack!

A skateboard plus a leaf blower can go a long way… well, take you a long way.

18. Want to know when that pot of coffee in the office was brewed before you take a slurp and spit it all over your computer?

Try this foolproof system!

19. Ever had a lightbulb break that you can’t then get out of the light fitting?

Just use a potato, ya spud!

20. This person has come up with the world’s greatest DIY book lifejacket

Sure it looks like it’s been dropped in the tub a million times, but every invention needs a prototype!

21. Saves these going everywhere including the inner workings of your freakin’ washer!

Will that make my hair magnetic too?

22.  You can stop squirrels eating seed from your bird feeder with a slinky!

They either won’t reach the seeds, or they’ll be fired off into orbit! Perfect!

23. Well, this explains it better than we ever could…

So now you know!

24. This guy totally shrink wrapped his entire Christmas tree, decorations and all!

Saves you taking them all off to store it in the attic and putting them back on next year! Working smarter, not harder!

25. What the heck is going on here?

Use an old iPhone and a generic Facebook account as a monitoring service! This person wanted to ensure their baby chickens were okay, so they used Facebook Lived set to private! Free 24 hour monitoring from anywhere!

26. Did you know you can use anything on hotel room key slots?


Which of these is you favorite? Do you think you’ll be using these in your everyday life? Let us know which you’re gonna steal immediately with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article if you found it useful and informative.

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