31 Habits All Girls Use To Gross Out Their Partners

Being a woman is tricky.

It’s tough being a woman in this world.

We have a lot of complicated thing surrounding being a woman. From wires poking out of our bras to smudged makeup, and period cramps.

Like I said, being a woman is tough. It’s hard to explain it to other people who aren’t female.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Whether you believe that or not, you have to admit both sexes are very different from one another. There are things each experience that the other couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Being a woman comes with some very crazy experiences.

But the same time, there are some things that women do that will drive men crazy and prove we’re just as gross as them!

Most men have an image of a sweet demure lady in their heads, and when they move in with a woman, it turns out to be the opposite!

Be honest, women can be just as (if not more) gross as men!

No wonder most men look like they’ve been in a war zone after living with their girlfriends for a month!

There is a whole list of things that women do on a regular basis which is totally normal to us, but utterly gross when other people see us doing it!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this list!

1. Gross Them Out

You do things or say certain things to your partner or loved one for the sole purpose of grossing them out.

2. It’s Second Nature

You can and like burping out really loudly when you alone.

3. Marking Your Property

Everything in your home is covered in strands of your hair.

4. No Complaining

You never complain about anyone doing anything gross because, at one point or another, you’ve probably done something worse!

5. You Smell

At your worst, you smell worse than your other half. 

6. No Cleaning For You

Your boyfriend will do most of the cleaning. 

He doesn’t do it because your lazy, it’s because you have a higher tolerance to dirt.

7. Bad Smell

Your farts are much worse than his.

8. Somethings Died

Your farts are much worse than his, and you know your farts are smellier than his!

9. Sharing Is Caring

You fart on him. Quite a lot. 

10. No Farting

But if he farts on you then you’ll shout at him.

11. Dutch Oven

You often fart under the duvet and put his head under the duvet as a punishment. 

12. Feet Friendly

You always put your feet in his face and tell him to smell them to see if they smell cheesy. 

13. Gross Them Out

Quite a lot of your creativity is spent on thinking of new ways to gross him out.

14. Gorey Details

You give him all the gory details about your trip to the bathroom. 

15. Open Fire

When you first started dating, it didn’t take long for you to become open with him about farting. 

16. Picky

You pick your nose in front of him. Quite a lot.

17. Popping Spots

You love popping the spots on his back like bubble wrap!

18. Bloody Hell

If you get periods, you give him all the details, especially when it involves large blood clots.

19. Stained Pants

You don’t mind your partner seeing your stained period underwear.

20. Do I Smell?

You ask him to smell your armpits to check if you’re in desperate need of some deodorant!

21. Smelly Breath

You breathe on him frequently so he can check if you need to brush your teeth.

22. Doors Open

You have no problem with peeing or pooing with the door open wide open so you can carry on talking.

23. Bath Time Chat

You’ll happily use the toilet while he’s taking a bath and have a nice chat with him.

24. Don’t Do It

But he really doesn’t like you doing a poo while he’s taking a bath.

25. Carry On Regardless

You take what he says into account, but you do it anyway.

26. Pulling It Out

You don’t think twice about pulling your wedgie out in front of him in public.

27. A Romantic Moment

You often do gross things during a romantic moment because, why not?!

28. Lick Lick

You also like to lick him when he leans in for a kiss.

29. A Rude Interruption

You also like to burp in the middle of saying “I love you” because you’re a classy lady!

30. Try Harder

Unfortunately for him, nothing he could do that would really gross you out!

31. Constant Complaints 

Your partner is constantly complaining about how gross you are. But despite the constant outbursts of grossness, you know he still loves you with all his heart.

How many of these do you actually do?

Let me know in the COMMENTS! I’d love to hear the results!

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