24 Hilarious Reason Why Shopping Online Is A Bad Idea

The internet is an amazing place.

You can watch countless films and movies with it, you can reconnect with long lost friends, you can even go shopping from the comfort of your own home.

How amazing is that?

The internet truly is a weird and wonderful place, but it’s also a place filled with humorous mistakes just waiting to happen.

Shopping online, whether it’s a food shop or shopping for furniture is never easy. You can either misread the small thing and accidentally buy the wrong thing. Or, you could be missold the thing you’ve purchased online.

Because you can’t see what you just bought in person, this happens quite a lot.

This is why shopping online is not always the best option.

Some people clearly haven’t learned this valuable lesson as more and more people are making hilarious, but wrong, purchases online.

It’s so funny!

Take a look at these hilarious online shopping fails.

1. Soap Mail

I would assume it’s some weird kind of soap so you can wash that makeup off.

2. Here Comes The Bride

The dress on the left is the real dress, the dress on the right is a wedding dress from China. Can you tell the difference?

3. Big Shorts

I know people like baggy hoodies and jumpers, but baggy shorts? I think I’ll pass!

3. Floor Length

Just another reason to avoid buying floor length mirrors from online.

5. Wedding Day Nightmare

It looks like a three-year-old designed and made that dress!

6. Bin Bag Socks

Wearing bin bags as stockings would look a whole better than that!

7. Classy Cat

That’s a very strange looking cat!

8. Spring Onions

Because spring onions are the perfect substitute for flowers!

9. Lion Flowers 

Well, that’s disturbing.

10. Fairytale Nightmare

Never, ever, ever buy your prom or wedding dress online.

11. Lady In Red

That dress is a red hot mess!

12. Blind Girl

Stupid autocorrect! Though, maybe she should have double checked before sending the text?

13. Too Revealing

Wow, that dress is a little too ‘flashy’!

14. Netted Dress 

If I were her, I’d take that dress off and burn it.

15. Online Rugs

But if they did that fewer people would buy them!

16. Tiny Sack

At least your cat has something to store all his treats in!

17. Leggings

Those would look lovely if they were lifesize!

18. Scales

At least you can’t see what weight the scales say you are.

19. Tiny Chair

Maybe ordering furniture from Amazon isn’t the best idea!

20. Before And After

Whoever did this is an utter idiot!

21. Tank Top

That’s not a tank top! That’s a tank dress!

22. Too Long 

Why do you need jeans that long? How long do you think her legs are?

23. Knee Length 

Well, they did tell you it was a knee length skirt… They just didn’t mention it was a dress for your knee.

24. Just A Sip

The wine glasses would be perfect for people who want to cut down on their drinking. But let’s be honest, we’re not those people.

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