10 Laws Queen Elizabeth Can Completely Ignore

When I was a child, I use to dream that I was secretly next in line for the throne, and would eventually grow up to be Queen of England!

I would ban homework from every school, make jelly mandatory in all school dinners, and make sure I only went to school once a week!

I’d also throw Janice (my school bully) in the Tower of London for forever and a day!

All in all, I thought I’d make a great Queen.

My mom always told me that even if I was Queen, I’d still have to go to school and follow the rules.

This was of course nonsense. If I was Queen, who could stop me from doing what I wanted?! No one!

In all honesty, it’s a good thing I’m not the Queen of England…

We’re often told that everyone has to follow the law, even the Queen or the President!

But it turns out that’s not strictly true.

While the Queen may have ‘rules of etiquette’ to follow, she doesn’t actually have to follow the law.

If the Queen wished to, she could rob a bank and she couldn’t be arrested!

Talk about getting away with murder!

Here are a few laws that the Queen can get away with breaking!

Don’t try to break any of these at home!

10. Speed Limits

She doesn’t have to follow any speed limits.

I know we’ve never seen Queen Elizabeth chasing a car on the road. But technically she has the right to do it.

All speed limit rules can be broken by the Queen anywhere in the country.

Thankfully for us, she doesn’t abuse this power.

9. Driver’s License

She doesn’t need a driving license in order to drive. 

She also didn’t need to take a driving test in order to be able to drive. However, the Queen is noted for her driving, as she was an ambulance driver during the war.

8. Passport

The Queen doesn’t need a passport in order to travel. 

She is one of the very few people in the world who doesn’t need to have an official identity document in order to travel.

7. No Information

The Queen is exempt from freedom of information requests.

In the UK, just like in most countries, there is a freedom of information system that allows the press and public to ask anyone any type of question.

However, the Royal Family used their power to block this law from expanding on them.

6. No Tax

The Queen doesn’t have to pay taxes.

All citizens of the UK, as in many other countries, have to pay taxes depending on their earnings. 

While the Queen is exempt from this law, she has voluntarily paid taxes since 1992.

5. This Means War

The Queen has the power to start a war.

Technically speaking, Queen Elizabeth can declare war against any country at any moment in time.

But in practice, decisions like this are made by parliament, but they officially need the Queen’s permission to do so.

4. Sue Me

Legally, it’s impossible to sue the Queen. 

The Queen has the right to not give provide the court with evidence, and she can’t be prosecuted.

3. Child Minder

She protects all children in England.

Queen Elizabeth is the official guardian of all children in the UK.

Which means, she technically has the right to take someone’s child away from them. Thankfully she’s never done this.

2. Breaking And Entering

The Queen has the right to vandalize property.

Under certain circumstances, like a national emergency, the Queen has the right to break, enter and destroy any property she wishes. So maybe making the Queen angry isn’t a good idea!

1. Law Breaker

 The Queen can break any law she wishes.

The Queen is actually above the law, and it’s impossible to punish her for her actions.

She could kill a man in broad daylight and she couldn’t be charged with murder.

But despite her right to break any law she wishes, Queen Elizabeth is rather modest.

What surprised you the most? Feel free to let us know in the COMMENTS below! As always, I love hearing from you!

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