15 Little Known Facts You Need To Know About 'Pretty Woman'

‘Pretty Woman’ is one of the most iconic chick flicks of all time.

In all honesty, it’s my absolute favorite film! I’ve watched it so much I almost warped the DVD!

The film was first released in 1990, and quickly became a hit!

There are even plans on adapting this 90s classic into a musical! I can’t wait!

For those of you who haven’t seen the film (why haven’t you?) then I highly recommend you buy a copy and watch it.

It’ll make your heart melt like butter!

‘Pretty Woman’ was one of the first films that starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere as the romantic leads. The other being ‘Runaway Bride.’

The film is a true 90s classic!

But there are quite a few facts most fans don’t know about.

So, I’ve gathered together some of the best and the funniest ‘Pretty Woman’ facst you probably didn’t know about!


1. Two Women

There are actually two women on the poster for “Pretty Woman”.

Julia Roberts’ head was actually superimposed onto the body, which belonged to body double Shelley Michelle. 

2. A Little Accident

Most of you probably didn’t notice this continuity error on the poster. If you look closely, you’ll see that Richard Gere’s hair dark brown on the poster. But, in the movie, his hair is definitely grey. Whoopsie!

3. Disneyland

In the original version of the script, Vivian struggled with drug addiction.

Part of the original deal was that she needed to stay off cocaine for a week,  that she could save the extra money to go to Disneyland. The film ends with Edward throwing her out of his car and driving off, leaving Vivian and her friend to catch the bus to Disneyland.

But the producers decided against it because they wanted something more light-hearted instead.

4. Opera

The opera that Vivian and Edward saw was La Traviata. It’s an opera about a sex worker who falls in love with a rich man. 

5. Red Coat

Remember the iconic red coat Vivian wears in the movie? 

Well, it’s actually a $30 jacket from a movie usher that the directors met with before they started filming.

6. Composed

Richard Gere actually composed and played the piano piece that was played in the film.

7. Improvised

The scene below was actually entirely improvised by Richard Gere. The directors decided that it was too adorable to cut!

8. A Lot Of Money

The necklace in the necklace scene was worth a mind-blowing $250,000.

A security guard was actually sent to stand by the director whilst they were filming!

9. Other Actors 

Richard Gere wasn’t the first choice for the role of Edward Lewis. Actors like Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, and Christopher Reeve were approached for the role.

10. More 

Albert Brooks, Sylvester Stallone, and Al Pacino were also offered the role but they turned it down.

11. Nervous

Julia Roberts was so anxious about this scene that a vein stuck out of her forehead!

Both the director and Gere joined her on the bed and massaged her forehead until it went away. How sweet?!

12. Tickle Tickle

In this scene, Julia Roberts is actually having her feet tickled by the director (off-screen) so the laughs would sound real!

Who knew laughing on cue was so hard?!

13. Not Again

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sandra Bullock were also considered for the role of Vivian and were even offered the part. Thankfully, they all turned it down.

14. All Gone

Julia was so engrossed in this scene that she didn’t even notice when everyone, even the cameraman, had left the room!

15. Different Name

The movie was originally going to be called $3000 at first –  after how much it cost to spend the night with Vivian.

But after they manage to get the rights to the song “Pretty Woman”, they decided to change their minds about the title.

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