Why Toilet Stalls Never Go All The Way Down To The Floor

Have you ever been sat on the toilet at work or in a public space and wondered why there is a huge gap at the bottom of the stall door? Do you want to know why it’s so easy for someone to peer through the gap in the side? Well here are the answers and they are surprisingly obvious!

1. It helps the cleaners.

If a cleaner has a lot to do and judging most public toilets, they probably do most of the time, then having the bottom of a stall easily accessible makes things much faster for them. Nowadays, there are power cleaners involved too so it helps to have a space that they can quickly swoop in and clean the floor without bothering anyone.

2. It’s much safer.

If someone passed out in the stalls, people would need to know as soon as possible in order to help them. Having a fully concealed stall could mean that it’s quite a while before someone gets help. It also allows for the person inside to be pulled out in case of a serious emergency. This would not only save lots of time, but it could also potentially save their life.

3. Less Privacy.

While this might sound confusing at first, it’s actually for your own good. Sure you might feel slightly uncomfortable knowing that someone could easily look into your stall if they wanted to, but it also prevents people from doing things they shouldn’t. A completely sealed stall would give people the perfect opportunity vandalise the stall, take drugs, or engage in inappropriate activities. The gap in the door emphasises that it’s a public space and prevents people from doing bad things!

4. It’s much cheaper.

Stalls can be fit in any room that they’re needed. Their shape can easily be changed and you don’t have to worry about the height of them either. If they were to be fitted to fully conceal the user, they would need to reach all the way to the ceiling. Depending on the height of the room, this could end up costing quite a lot!

5. You can check if it’s being used.

While you might feel slightly awkward about peeking under to see someone’s feet, it would be much more awkward to have to knock and ask if anyone was using the toilet. It would also be even worse if you were using it and someone knocked! Talk about social anxiety.

6. People can lend a hand.

There is nothing worse than reaching around to grab some toilet paper after you’ve finished your business to see that the roll has been used and there’s nothing left. Some people know that feeling of dread all too well! Having a gap in the stall allows you to call on a friend, or in more desperate situations, a stranger to hand you some paper.

7. You’ll never be trapped.

Not only does this help out anyone who suffers from claustrophobia, it also allows you to escape if the lock breaks or if something is blocking the door. After all, being trapped in a bathroom stall doesn’t sound too fun!

8. Air circulation!

This helps both you and those around you. Nobody is a fan of having to smell someone else’s waste and you don’t want anyone to have to put up with yours too! The gap in a stall allows for air flow, helping those bad smells leave before people start choking up!

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