Here’s Why So Many Women Suffer From Chronic Bloating

Ugh, bloating. It seems like no matter what I do, I’ll bloat for one reason or another.

I ate too much of one food, I ate too little of another, I dared to have a glass of wine last night or didn’t drink enough water. There’s no end to the bloat and I know I’m not the only woman who suffers with this bloating nightmare!

You’ve just finished lunch when you feel it.

Your stomach starts to rumble and churn and you know that it’s coming. A bloat that will make your jeans feel 6 sizes too small and make you feel like you look like you’re six months pregnant with twins.

So many of us deal with terrible bloating on a day to day basis but it’s not something we often talk about which can make you feel like you’re the only one going through a bloating horror story.

Well, you’re not alone! We’re all in the same bloated boat.

Recently, fitness blogger Tiffany Brien took to Instagram to share her own struggles with bloating and how terribly it can affect your life.

She shared a photograph of herself on a bad bloat day and captioned the photo, ‘No I’m not 6 months pregnant. It’s just my food baby…These two photos are 12 hours apart, left before bed and right when I woke up…. I know right!!’

Here’s Tiffany Brien’s shocking photo…

It’s crazy how different she looks before and after! Is it any wonder that bloating is so uncomfortable when it can make you grow to ten times your usual size!

And Tiffany Brien isn’t the only person sharing her story. Recently, a woman told that during the past year her bloating has been so bad that she’s been reduced to tears from the excruciating pain that comes after eating some foods.

She’s also had to cancel nights out because her clothes don’t fit over her bloated stomach.

She’s tried everything, from diet changes to medications to tests for Crohn’s and Celiac disease but has never had a diagnosis more serious than ‘just bloating from stress’.

I don’t know about you, but that would make me more stressed just by itself! She admits that cutting carbs and alcohol can help but that it’s sometimes a pot-luck as to whether anything will work at all.

Is it any wonder that women everywhere are still struggling with bloating when we can’t find any answers?

Some people are resorting to ‘FODMAP’ diets, which encourage giving up most carbs as well as most fruit and veg.

Naturally, people find it difficult to stick to such a restricted diet so this doesn’t sound like the most ideal situation. But sometimes, you’re so desperate to stop the bloating that you’ll try anything that could help.

One thing’s for certain, we don’t know enough about bloating and women are crying out for a solution!

It’s time for more scientific research to be put into this subject so we can finally go through our lives without having to deal with bloating that makes us look like Santa Claus after a year’s worth of milk and cookies.

Do you suffer from the dreaded bloat? What do you do to make it better for yourself? Share your tips and stories in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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