15 Things Every Woman Thinks When She Looks In The Mirror

Looking in the mirror can be risky business.

One minute you feel like your red carpet ready, and the next moment (as soon as you look in a mirror) you feel like absolute trash.

It’s pretty horrible!

It’s one of the reasons why I refuse to have any big mirrors in my house!

I don’t want that constant doom an gloom looming over me!

Here are some of the 15 things most women think whenever they see themselves in the mirror!

1. Spot The Spot

You can’t help but wonder how long that spot has been on your face.

Have I really walked around town with a spot that big right in the middle of my forehead?! How is that even possible?

2. Bumps All Over

Most of us have done this, and it’s really annoying!

It’s that annoying moment when you put your hair up without a mirror, only to find you have 50 bumps on top of your head!

Reality soon hits when we look in the mirror and realize that we have the worst hairstyle ever!

3. Too Much Lip

Most of us have wondered what our lips would look like if we had them plumped. It’s the latest craze at the moment.

But obviously, whenever we pout, we realize we look just like a fish!

It’s not a good look!

4. A Little Chunky

We’ve all starred in front of the mirror examining our bodies and constantly questioning if we’ve put on some weight.

5. Food In Your Teeth

Have you ever had one of those moments where you check yourself out in the mirror, notice how good you look, and smile? Me too!

But have you ever noticed, as soon as you smile, that you have something stuck in your teeth?

Honestly, it’s an instant buzz kill!

6. Blackheads

You check your pores only to find your face is a minefield made up of blackheads!

Talk about embarrassing!

7. Eyebrows

Eyebrows are such a big thing for women now. It’s so important that our eyebrows always look good.

Looking in the mirror only makes us realize just how much we need to seriously pluck some hairs.

8. Monobrow

There are no words for how embarrassing our monobrows are. If we’ve forgotten to pluck or clean up our monobrow then we’ll notice it as soon as we look at the mirror!

9. Instant Fat

Most of us go straight to the mirror after a meal, turn to our side and look at our food baby wondering how fat we’re going to look in a week.

It’s a very destructive cycle that’s almost impossible to break!

10. Stop Bloating

Looking at our bellies first thing in the morning wondering why we look so bloated after eating some toast the night before!

It’s so heartbreaking!

11. Straighten Up

Whenever you look in the mirror you can’t help but wonder what your life would be like if you had straight teeth.

While there may be a thousand things that you’d change the way you look, your teeth becoming straighter is top of that list!

12. Big Boobs

You push up your boobs to see how you’d look with a massive pair of boobies.

We do this everywhere and anywhere. In the bathroom at work, in the shower, hell, even when we’re cooking!

It’s a lot of fun!

13. Pregnancy Belly

You push out your belly so you can see what you’d look like if you got pregnant.

We’re all curious about what we’d look like if we were pregnant, so I suppose it’s only natural that we do this in front of a mirror.

And this way we don’t have to commit to being actually pregnant!

It is quite interesting to see what we would look like with pregnant bellies!

14. Comparing Size

Now this one will sound strange, but we’ve all done it!

We’ve all compared the size of our boobs to see which boob is bigger, and it’s usually the one of the right!

It sounds completely strange and unheard of, but most women have done this at least twice!

15. Selfie Time

Thought that the lighting in here is perfect and now would be a great time to get a selfie!

We can all agree that the perfect lighting in the mirror will provide you with the best selfie! 

Talk about a great result!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever thought or done in front of a mirror?

Let me know in the COMMENTS! I’d love to hear your hilarious stories!

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