Which Of The Gross Food Habits Do You Hate?

Food is essential to life.

Obviously, if we don’t eat or get any of the nutrients in our food, then we will (surprise, surprise) die!

But food isn’t just an essential part of life, it’s an essential part of any community.

If you visit any state or any country, there is at least one signature dish that brings together many of its citizens.

I mean, let’s be honest, have you ever been to a party where there wasn’t food?

If you have, then you know how terrible of an event it was!

All the best parties have food!

But despite being a great tool to bring people together, it can also be a quick method of separating people.

Just look at how people reacted to the pineapple on pizza debate. That actually tore apart friendships!

There are plenty of bad eating habits that we all follow, but also plenty that we hate.

Personally speaking, my skin crawls whenever I hear slurping or lip smacking.

It’s enough to drive you mad!

Here are 36 disgusting food habits that you’ll either hate or have yourself!

Take a look!

1. Talking With Your Mouth Full

This has to be the worst thing to see at a dinner table!

2. Mouth Wide Open

Eating with your mouth wide open has to be the worst case of bad manners!

3. Out Loud

Seriously, do you really need to eat your food that loudly?!

4. Finger Licking

Ok, while I understand some people really hate it when others lick their fingers, how else am I suppose to get those yummy cheeto crumbs off my fingers?

5. Food Stealing

If you’re hungry, order something. If not, don’t try to steal food off my plate!

6. Taking Too Much

When you share food with someone and then notice the other person taking way more food than you!

7. Sniffer

When someone else is sniffing your food. Gross!

8. Sniffing Again

Or even watching them sniff their own food… Why do that?

9. Too Long

When you go to a restaurant with someone who takes so long to decide what they want to eat, and the waiter eventually forgets you exist.

10. Please Ask

Someone taking your food without asking you if it’s ok. It’s called manners!

11. Just A Bite

Someone asking for a “bite” of your food and then taking way too much, or going for two bites!

12. Sharing

People who insist on sharing, even when they know you hate sharing food.

13. One Of Each

Those annoying people who say “let’s get one of each and then split it”. How about no?!

14. Sharing Is Caring

People who never share at all! Come on, just let me steal a chip!

15. Over Mixing

People who mix all the food on their plate. 

16. Mash It Up

While over mixing sounds bad, it’s not as bad as those people who mash their food up!

17. Random

When people use random objects to dig food out of their teeth! Yuck!

18. No Phones

Going out to eat with someone who simply refuses to put their phone away during a meal.

19. Don’t Do It

Slurping food. Need I say more?

20. Don’t Be Rude

People who are rude to the waiter.

21. Fingers

Using your finger to lick the plate clean.

22. Lick It All

Using your tongue to lick the plate clean. Seriously, why do that?

23. Fork Scrapers 

Having to eat with people who scrape their fork against their teeth when they eat. Seriously, if you do this, I hate you.

24. Picky Eaters

People who are overly picky when it comes to their food. You might as well eat sand, it would be easier!

25. Take A Picture

I know taking a picture will make it last longer, but it looks weird!

26. Too Saucy

When people drench their food in ketchup. Seriously, why?

27. No Again

People who drench their food in mayo! Just stop it.

28. Fair Share

People who order the most food when eating in a group and but then pay the least when it’s bill time!

29. Sound Effects

Burping at the table. 

30. Cover Your Mouth

When they burp without covering their mouth.

31. Salty Tastes

Those evil people who ruin their food by putting too much salt on it, without even tasting it!

32. Never Tried It

People who claim they don’t like a certain food without even trying it!

33. Messy Eaters

Need I say more?

34. No Tips

People who refuse to tip.

35. An Insult

People who insult what’s on your plate. Stop focusing on my food and focus on your own!

36. Odd Eating Style

People who then go to insult how you eat your food. Just leave me alone!

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