16 People Who Are Suffering From 100 Years Of Bad Luck

Have you ever had something happen to you that has absolutely no explanation other than really freakin’ terrible luck? These sixteen people have definitely had that feeling. Take a look at this hilariously unfortunate events that could only be explained by really bad luck!

1. This is why you double bag your groceries

But really, who expected both of the handles to fall off?

2. Who designed this utter disaster?

You will be cursed with a permanently wet bathroom floor for the rest of your life. Hope you like damp socks!

3. Well. Now what do we do with this?

Should we move it? Can we move it? Will it explode if we try to move it? Maybe we should just leave it where it is, guys.

4. Well, that’s the last time I ever try ironing anything ever again.

How does something like this even happen? Did that really need ironing that much?

5. This is just seriously upsetting

Somebody get me a straw, I need to save all of that precious wine!

6. There’s the friend zone and then there’s this!

She does not care at all about the terrible time you’re having.

7. Now that’s what you call a mud bath!

He’ll look like the creature from the black lagoon when he finally gets out of there!

8. This was a very bad day to leave your car window open…

Imagine how much worse it’ll be when it all melts!

9. I think we’re gonna need to find another ride home, guys!

At least it looks like they all made it out of there alive!

10. I think this is the most perfectly timed photo I have ever seen in my life.

Not perfectly timed for these poor people, of course, but perfect for those of us who needed a good laugh today!

11. I think somebody must have broken a mirror.

And now every time they go anywhere near glass it just spontaneously explodes.

12. Hold on tight and say your prayers!

There’s something about this one that’s just really freakin’ scary!

13. I had a lovely kitchen once. HAD.

These cabinets had just had enough of their boring lives and decided to try to escape. They really want to run away and join the circus, but they’re not that great at lion taming.

14. Well, at least this guy looks happy about what’s happening here.

I think he’s probably the only person happy about what’s happening here.

15. I love how there’s the one guy stood next to the truck like ‘well, now what?’

He’s probably thinking about ringing his wife to tell her he’ll be working on this for the next week.

16. Have you ever had to scrape ice off of your car in winter?

Well, take that and multiply it by about a million. At least.

What’s the unluckiest thing that’s ever happened to you? Or are you luckier than a four leaf clover in a bowl of lucky charms? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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