35 Photos That Show The Incredible Effects Of Time

It’s a well-known fact that nothing stays the same forever.

Buildings start to crumble, wood loses its varnish, toys become old and broken, and a once perfect field becomes riddled in trail markings.

As we get older, and as time goes past, things change.

The best example of this is our face. As we become older, our face changes. It wrinkles, the damage we’ve exposed it to over the years starts to show itself.

Time eventually wears everything out. Sometimes it takes weeks or months, it can take years or decades, but eventually, everything begins to crumble after a little while.

Don’t believe me? Then check out this fascinating list.

We’ve put together some of the best examples of the curious and fascinating effects of time.

These photos are truly incredible and unbelievable, but I assure you these photos are real.

Used Unused

It’s amazing how much we damage things just by using them on a day to day basis.

Rust Marks

It’s incredible how intricate the pattern of rust is on this pole. The markings seem to match the chains.

Old Neighbour

It’s interesting how we as a society have learned to build around things. We also have a habit of building new instead of fixing things.


Isn’t it curious how time works?

Sun Damage

We all know the sun is damaging, but have you ever considered how much damage it does? This is a photo of a retired delivery driver after 26 years of sun damage.

Beaten Path

How many people do you imagine crossed this bridge?

16 Years Of Damage

This is what 16 years of sun damage on a hardwood floor looks like.

Put A Ring On It

Everything leaves a mark on us one-way or another.


Damage to a printer. These are nail marks from people who waited for something to print.

Bush Art

As the wind blows, these small plants leave their mark on this weather-beaten fence.

Slim Figure

On the left is a new handle for an elementary school, on the right is the old handle. Can you see the difference?

Countless Steps

I would hate to have to walk up these steps in high heels.

A Coin’s Life

This is the extraordinary life cycle of a coin.

Flat Bottom

Can you believe how flat the bottom of this stick is?

Coffee Cup

It’s amazing how damaged the bottom of our coffee cup gets in just a year.


This is a chef’s knife after years of being resharpened.

Funny Money

Both piles of money are the same amount. However, the left pile is new and the right pile is old.

Sun Burn

Isn’t this impressive?


A monk accidentally carved his floor by playing in the exact same spot for 20 years.

Track Marks

Common walk paths leave their marks on someone’s carpet.

Water Mark

Water has left its mark on this slab of rock.


It looks like someone has had a lot of visitors.

Statue Time



The dents in the marble were caused by people standing on that same spot.

Hill Side

I can’t believe how incredible this is!

Stepping Stones

These are the steps in the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.


It’s amazing how things change over time.


Oh look, a kink in a chain!


This was overdue for a clean!

Take A Seat

I wonder which seat people sit on the most.

Break Time

It looks like a lot of important conversations took place around that table.


Ok, this is pretty incredible!


A lot of people must walk on that train.


Can you believe how time has damaged that?


This is the spot in front of the cash register which has been in the same place since 1926.

Silver Dollar

This is a silver dollar which has been kept in a man’s pocket since 1952.

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