15 Of The Weirdest Shoes You've Ever Seen

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some awesome statement shoes, but some people just take the whole thing too far. And I’m not talking too far as in wearing white heels to a wedding that’s taking place in the middle of a lawn the day after a storm, I mean too far as in completely freakin’ bizarre. Trust me, you’ve never seen shoes like these in your life and you’ll be kinda grateful about that fact!

1. When stomping on a spider once just isn’t enough.

This person hates spiders so much that one stomp isn’t enough, they’ve gotta step all over that 8-legged creep all day!

2. These are like the shoe equivalent of the Iron Throne.

When you play the game of shoes you win or you die.

3. There is not a single part of me that wants to put my feet into these shoes.

Please tell me nobody has ever actually worn these!

4. Where do you even start with these?

I thought the hooves were bad enough, then I noticed the gun that makes up the heel!

5. Would these be kipper slippers?

There’s something seriously fishy about this pair of flip-flops!

6. One for the multitaskers out there

You can mop your floors while you walk around the house! Genius!

7. Who on Earth would ever want to wear these?

I can think of nothing worse than looking down all evening and constantly seeing maggots all over my feet!

8. This looks so painful, why would you wear these?

You could say the designers really ‘nailed’ this one!

9. Shoes or urinals?

They definitely look more like something you’d pee in than something you’d wear on your feet.

10. I think they were trying to make something Ariel would wear when she’s on land

The ended up with something Lady Gaga wouldn’t be caught dead in.

11. How exactly are you supposed to walk in these?

I can’t even walk in regular heels, never mind these crescent moon looking monstrosities!

12. An iPod? That’s way too mainstream!

You know that whoever thought this was a good idea is the kind of person who truly believes that the party don’t start ’til they walk in. They’re also the same person who makes everyone at the party want to walk out.

13. That poor fish!

Although, looking at it, I think that might not be a real fish after all. I don’t know what gave it away, I just have a funny feeling.

14. Because why wouldn’t you want your shoes to look like a walker for elderly people?

Although it looks like walking in these bad boys would be anything but simple.

15. Normal shoes are far too normal for this woman, her feet need to be shaped like a weird vase you picked up at a yard sale.

She’s say down because if she tries to walk in these shoes she’ll end up breaking her neck!

What’s the weirdest pair of shoes you’ve ever seen? Do you have a signature pair that are a little out of the ordinary? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your fashion forward family and friends!

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