15 Things Americans Really Like About The British

As a Brit, I feel like I can safely say that I know that we are completely brilliant as people go. I mean, not when we’re on holiday in other countries, there’s something about being on foreign soil that brings out the absolute worst in us all, but if you’ll overlook that (please!) then we’re undeniably cool. Or at least, that’s what our American cousins seem to think, as we found these 15 comments from American people telling us exactly what they love about us Brits.

1. Our Tv Shows
“By far the television, specifically your sitcoms/comedies. The worst part is that the series are always so short episode-wise, but the humor in them is so smart and dry.” – Natalie Horner, Facebook

Don’t think we haven’t noticed how much you love our TV shows over there in America. We’ve seen you taking our amazing shows and trying to replicate them (The Inbetweeners? Seriously?) and there’s a reason that most of them failed. Without a healthy dose of Brit humour in them, they’re just not as funny!

“Panel shows like QI and Big Fat Quiz. Stephen Fry isn’t a national treasure. He’s an international treasure” – g40042a20f

Sorry guys, you can take our shows but we can’t let you take Stephen Fry anywhere, we love him too much.

2. The NHS

“Their health care is something else! I go to England a lot, because my husband is a Brit. I got sick once, and never paid a cent for anything (maybe because of my husband). Anyway, they even sent a nurse over to my daughter-in-law’s house, just to see if I was okay and if I needed anything! Incredible.” – – Lauren Rowell, Facebook

I couldn’t agree more! As much as we like to complain about it, we Brits know that our NHS is pretty amazing and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We count ourselves very lucky that we don’t have to pay through the nose every time we want to see a doctor.

3. Football

“Their version of football actually involves a foot kicking a ball” – sams417b5c66d

Come on, my American friends, you’ve gotta admit you’re wrong on this one. Especially when what you call football doesn’t actually involve a foot touching a ball.

4. Public Walking Spots

“Public land and walking culture. There are miles upon miles upon miles of public walking trails. Not just around places of great natural beauty either, literally just fields sometimes. And people walk on them. With their families or their dogs or alone, people will literally just use any moderately nice afternoon to go for a walk. And that’s pretty great.” – cb27

I can see why you love our countryside, but don’t forget to appreciate what you have over there in America! What I wouldn’t give to stroll along some of those beaches!

5. Tax is included on price tags

“The fact that tax is included on price tags. I studied abroad in London and coming home and doing math in the grocery store again was the worst.” – emmab459da0034

I don’t know how you all go shopping in America and don’t go waaay over your budget! My mental maths is just not good enough to apply tax to everything I pick up as I go around the store and keep track of what I’m spending! The calculations would drive me nuts!

6. Our attitude towards pretty much everything

“The thing I like most about British people is the attitude. I love that they just can’t be arsed. I love the polite indifference they have all seem to have perfected. I love their self-deprecating sarcasm. And I love knowing that if a British person reads this they will probably roll their eyes.” – bighairdontcare

We can’t be bothered to do anything and we hate pretty much everything. Yes, we’re happy, why do you ask?

7. Paid holidays from work

“I love that they take ‘holidays’ and get paid time [off] work for it. Jealous.” – shondathierer

I can’t believe that only 1 in 4 Americans get paid holidays from work, it’s standard issue with every job in the UK!

8. Supermarket desserts

“I love the selection at British supermarkets, particularly desserts. I’ve never seen mousses, trifles, custards, or many other refrigerated desserts in US supermarkets. The baked goods and dairy products are also much, much better.” – cameronc41d18c033

We’ve got every kind of dessert (or pudding, if you’re a real Brit) just waiting for you to try in our supermarket. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of delicious desserts, it’s called The Great British Bake Off NOT The Great British Baking Show! Get with the programme!

9. The chocolate

“Cadbury chocolate is infinitely better than any American chocolate.” – hollyh4c0a150fe

Anyone who tries to pretend that Hershey’s chocolate is better than Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is a filthy liar and you all know it.

10. The fact that we swear whenever and wherever we want

“I like how y’all aren’t embarrassed to swear and say ‘f**k’ all the time.” – Anna Kopsky

If we were bothered enough to have one, our swear jars would be overflowing.

11. Easter Eggs

“Honestly, the Brits do Easter better than the US, IMO. It’s definitely more a celebration of springtime.”– catlitten

We go all out for Easter and it’s amazing. Although I can see why chocolate Easter eggs wouldn’t catch on in America, with your vastly inferior chocolate and all.

12. We’re vegetarian friendly

“The UK is legitimately better at vegetarian food than the US. At many major chain restaurants in the US, the closet thing you can get to a vegetarian main course is asking for the pasta or salad without chicken or begging for a cheese sandwich. Every restaurant I have ever been to in the UK, from major chains to small cafes in little towns in the middle of nowhere, always have AT LEAST one or two veggie options, which are often even vaguely creative, and maybe even a legitimate vegan option too.” – cb27

Even our national favourite restaurant, Nando’s, has vegetarian options and the whole idea behind Nando’s is that it’s a place that sells chicken. This is how dedicated we are to our veggie friends.

13. Books and authors

“Love me some Brit Lit. I’ll take me some Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, and J.K. Rowling any day.” – meganc4fc926d95

Can’t disagree with you on this one, I think most of the country would crown J.K. Rowling as our new queen if we could.

14. The privacy of our public toilets

“Public restroom stalls in England are actually private. They don’t have huge gaps like ours do.” – missgem

I can guarantee you that every single Brit who has visited America has been freaked out by the gaps in your toilet stalls. Yours look like this…

Whereas ours are like this. I think we win on this one.

15. Our accents

“Hands down, the accents (however cliche that is). All Americans love a good British accent – no matter where in the UK you come from. Since every regional accent is completely foreign to us, we’re fascinated by each and every one, even the infamous Brummie accent.” – j40fd377d6

We have so many regional accents that if you don’t like one, there’s hundreds more for you to choose from that you’ll probably love. This is why we get so confused when Americans do what they think is a British accent and end up sounding like the Queen. Nobody speaks like that. At all.

What’s your favourite thing about Britain? Or are you totally unimpressed with Britishness in general? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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