14 Weird True Facts That Sound Like Lies

Ever had someone tell you something that sounds so absurd that you just can’t believe it?

1. The first recorded use of OMG was in a 1917 letter to Churchill

And yes, we are actually talking about the acronym, OMG. It might just have hit real popularity in the age of the internet, but it’s been around since Lord Fisher wrote it in a letter to Churchill. Funnily enough, he had to explain what OMG meant to one of the greatest leaders of our time. So it’s not just me that doesn’t understand all of these abbreviations!

2. The first adult movie was screened in 1896

The very first adult movie was named Le Coucher de la Mariée (Bedtime for the Bride) and was only seven minutes long. The first screening of this erotic movie was in France in 1896 and featured an actress performing a striptease.

3. Half of the water on Earth is older than the sun

Yes, the sun is older than our Earth, but research suggests that half of the water on Earth came from interstellar gas that was frozen before crashing into the little planet we call home.

4. There are only two escalators in the entire state of Wyoming

The only two escalators in Wyoming are located in banks in the town of Casper. Maybe the people of Wyoming were sick and tired of things like this happening…

5. Hot water can freeze faster than cold water

This is down to something called the Mpemba effect, which scientists still haven’t been able to entirely explain.

6. The pyramids were built by paid workers

I always thought that the pyramids were built by slaves, but recent evidence has found that they were built by skilled employees. They’ve even found grave sites of these employees close to the pyramids which show that the dead were buried honourably and well prepared for the afterlife.

7. Sharks have been on Earth longer than trees

Sharks have survived four mass extinction events, so they’re pretty freakin’ durable! The remains of very first shark humans have found were discovered to be around 400 million years old, 50 million years before the very first tree sprouted in the Sahara desert.

8. Russia and Pluto are around the same size

It’s been discovered that the surface areas of Russia and Pluto are very similar. Maybe this is why the other planets won’t let Pluto be part of their gang any more.

9. Millions of dollars of gold flow through the sewers of Switzerland every year

There are around 7,000 pounds worth of gold and silver pumped through the sewage systems in Switzerland every year. Maybe it all came from Scrooge McDuck’s golden swimming pool!

10. Clouds can way hundreds of tons

Clouds look light and fluffy, but they’re stuffed full of water and anyone who’s tried to carry one of those water cooler bottles knows how heavy water can be!

11. There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way

There are around 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, which is a huge number but doesn’t come close to the estimated 3 trillion trees on Earth!

12. The first surveyors of Mt. Everest gave the wrong numbers on purpose

When scientists originally measured Mt. Everest it measured in at exactly 29,000 feet high, but surveyors thought people wouldn’t believe such a round number and added 2 feet on to make the figure sound more realistic.

13. You can hear the difference between hot and cold water

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to hear the difference between hot and cold water with 100% accuracy. Apparently hot water gives off a higher frequency than cold water when poured.

14. The universe is beige

You might think the universe is black when you look up at night into the vast, inky sky but scientists have found that the universe would really be a beige colour if it could be seen with the human eye.

What’s the weirdest fact you’ve ever heard? Are you struggling to believe any of the facts on this list? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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