16 Wrong Number Texts With Amazing Responses

Have you ever texted a wrong number and felt the shame as you realised that you’ve messaged completely the wrong person. Well you know what would have made you feel a hundred times better about the whole thing? One of these hilarious responses from the person who received the text. You’ll still have sent something to the wrong person, but at least you could have a really good laugh about it!

1. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t Jessica.

Well, unless Jessica has a secret that she’s never told this guy!

2. This is hilarious enough without the last reply

This person can’t tell the difference between a cat and a dog, no wonder they can’t get phone numbers right!

3. The person on the other end of this message is probably freaking out right now

The only thing that would make this funnier is if they took it to the police.

4. Sometimes a wrong number can help you find your calling!

Give Hannah a job, she’s earned it!

5. Don’t take it personally, Andrew.

It looks like this guy was just angry at the world anyway! …But you still suck.

6. Tony got a lot more than he bargained for

Maybe they should just go on a date anyway, you never know, right?

7. Come on, share the wealth!

To be honest, if someone sent me a picture of 7 puppies I’d probably have the exact same response.

8. Green has an excellent point…

What was the first person thinking, breaking the news like that?!

9. Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Honestly, I’d just be thrilled that I had Buzz Lightyear’s number! Childhood dream come true!

10. Always check before calling your mother

Andrea is very sorry about this whole thing. Really.

11. Just bring me the crown!

And this is what inspired Beyonce to kickstart her career. Now she’s queen and whoever sent this message will never know the truth.

12. Wanna come over anyway?

We can hang out, eat snacks and watch TV. Sounds good to me!

13. If she’s given you the wrong number then she probably doesn’t like you all that much.

I love how he goes from just ‘no’ to ‘sorry sir’ in ten seconds flat. This person was genuinely freaked out!

14. I’m pretty sure this person isn’t going to be getting the phone they want

I hope this person just kept sending pictures of Patrick until this guy went away. Patrick is not interested in your problems.

15. And a beautiful friendship was born!

And Brian and Jake lived happily ever after as best friends. To this day, they play racquetball every weekend and catch baseball game together at least once a month.

16. Just tell us about the ship!

Please come back, we all really want to know what on Earth you’re on about! What’s a Smeagle? Answer me! PLEASE!

Have you ever had a hilarious response to a wrong number message? Have you ever had someone message you something weird from an unknown number? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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