25+ Hilarious But Weird Walmart Customers

Who doesn’t love Walmart?

This huge retail change has everything you could ever want under one store.

Need food, it’s got it. Need clothes, Walmart has you covered! Want to buy the latest electronics, come on down to Walmart.

Hell, this superstore even has jewellery!

It’s a store where people can find some of the cheapest deals.

However, people can also find the strangest customers in their local Walmart.

Whether it’s the low prices or the fluorescent lights that attract them, I don’t know.

In honor of the people who shop at the family chain, we’ve collected the 21 funny photos from PeopleOfWalmart.com.

So sit back and enjoy!

War Machine

I think it’s safe to say someone is visiting Walmart to stock up on their bunker supplies.


Ladies please take note, if your shopping, wear a shirt, not just a bra.

Fox Man

I’d like you to meet Walmart’s latest superhero, Fox Man!

Pimp My Ride

Does the rocking horse make the car go faster? I’m confused!

Crew Cut

Well that has to be the worst haircut I’ve ever seen!

Skin Color

I had to look twice then! Thank goodness she’s wearing leggings!

Pull Them Up

Pull your pants up for Heaven’s sake!

All Dressed Up

Someone’s very dressed up for shopping at Walmart

Walmart Pet

Walmart welcomes all customers, feathery or not.

Teddy Man

…Hopefully I’ll never see this guy in person!

Animal Head

Why are people wearing animal heads? It’ll scare the children! Hell, it’s scaring me!

Kiss Go Shopping

Even Kiss do their shopping at Walmart!

Missing E

Your missing the bottom of your E… It’s not very cute!

No Pants

Boxers are not suitable for doing shopping at Walmart. Put some clothes on!

Morning Shop

Looks like someone ran out of coffee! But seriously people, don’t wear your dressing gown to Walmart, it’s not cool!

Customer Service

I hope he doesn’t go on to work in the Deli section or shake anyone’s hand! That’s gross.

Chewbacca Lover

Either she really loves Chewbacca and Star Wars, or she thinks they look like animal fur.


That has to be the weirdest shopping cart I’ve ever seen!

Hide And Seek

Wait, does this guy want to be seen or not seen? I’m so confused!

Skid And Slide

I seriously hope someone slipped on a broken jar of Nutella… Yuck, I feel sick just from looking at it!

Lobster Pants

Those pants look a little tight around the bum, and why would you wear pants with lobsters on them?

Boyfriend’s Underwear

I can understand wearing your boyfriend’s hoody, shirt, or even joggers. But I can’t understand this! This is crazy!

Accident At The Check Out

Maybe he should quickly go and buy some new shorts and then burn these pants…

Just A Regular School Girl

Well… It’s not everyday you see something like this.

Elvis Is Alive

Elvis is alive and well! He’s just stuck in Walmart!

Karate Old Man

Watch out, he may start to do some Kung Fu!

Fairy Child

Why would you wear this in Walmart? It’s crazy!

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