19 Every Day Household Items That You Didn't Realise Had Experation Dates

Most of us know that certain things have expiration dates.

Things like food, drinks, and even makeup!

But I bet you didn’t know that there are quite a few products in your home that have expiration dates!

It’s always better to know when these dates are so then you can throw away any expired goods you may have!

Take a look, you’re bound to be surprised by what household products have expiration dates!

1. Pillows 2 To 3 Years

After two or three years, it’s probably time to toss that old pillow in the trash!

Pillows are home to countless dead skin cells and dust mites, which can cause some pretty nasty allergies.

Additionally, old pillows become misshapen, which tend to cause neck and back pain.

By replacing your pillows every few years, you’ll manage to keep your allergies and neck pain at bay.

2. Slippers 6 Months

Many people hold onto their slippers for years, but you should actually replace them every six months.

Slippers are rarely washed, which mean they can cause fungal infections, and spread germs!

Not only should you replace your slippers every 6 months, but you should wash your slippers regularly too! 

3. Sponges 2 Weeks

Many people throw away their sponge when it seems to be falling apart.

But what many people forget is that sponges hold onto water and stay moist, meaning they’re the perfect breeding grounds for mold and fungus.

So you should always replace your sponges every 2 weeks.

4. Loofahs/Poufs 6 Months

Much like sponges, loofahs and shower poufs hold onto warm water for a long time, meaning they can grow fungus and mold.

Would you really want to use something so dirty? I don’t think so!

Thankfully, many loofahs and poufs can be boiled to kill the germs, but you should replace them every six months to be safe.

5. Towels 1 To 3 Years

Towels are made to absorb water, meaning they too grow mold and fungus. But thankfully, they get washed more frequently. 

Because of this, they can usually last one to three years or so.

But even washing towels in hot water and keeping them clean doesn’t mean they’ll last forever, so make sure you replace your towels every couple of years.

6. Toothbrushes 3 Months

Most people replace their toothbrush every 6 months, but you should actually replace it more frequently. 

Getting a new toothbrush every three months is ideal but if your bristles get worn down, then it’s time to replace it!

7. Hydrogen Peroxide 6 Months

Hydrogen peroxide is used for minor cuts and scrapes, and it’s a chemical compound that is very unstable.

Over time, it breaks down into oxygen and water, meaning it’s no longer effective as a disinfectant.

Although hydrogen peroxide can last up to three years in a bottle before it’s opened, it only has a shelf life of around six months once opened.

8. Hairbrushes 1 Year

You should replace your brush every year, which will help you maintain a healthy scalp, and happy hair!

You should also make sure to clean your hairbrush once a week.

9. Perfume 1 To 3 Years

I always thought perfume lasted forever, but that’s hardly the case!

It’s recommended that you replace your perfume every couple of years.

But if your keen on keeping your current perfume, then you should store it in a cool, dark place.

But when the color or smell changes, then it’s a sign that it’s time to throw it in the trash!

10. Pacifiers 2 Months

You should replace your child’s pacifiers every two months for hygiene reason. 

But if you notice any cracks in your child’s pacifier, then it’s time to chuck it out!

11. Car Seats 5 To 6 Years

Many parents don’t realize that car seats have expiration dates. 

Usually, the car seat will expire five to six years after it’s been manufactured.

Even if you don’t notice anything wrong with the car seat, you should still replace it!

The shell of the car seat may start to degrade in ways you can’t see, so it’s always best to keep your child safe by regularly replacing your child’s car seat.

12. Bras 1 To 2 Years

Over time your bra will start to lose its shape, become uncomfortable, and even stretch out, when that happens then it’s time to toss it!

13. Running Shoes 2 Year

Even if you don’t consider yourself a very active person, you should still replace your running shoes every year.

After 250 to 300 miles your shoes will start to lose their cushioning, which will make your joints hurt.

If you do exercise a lot, don’t wait a full year to replace your shoes!

14. Spices 1 To 3 Years

Lots of people think that spices last forever — and while they may not technically go bad after a few years, they will start to lose their flavor and potency.

The whole point of using spices is to accentuate your food, so if they lose their smell and flavor, they’re not doing your cooking any good.

15. Flour 6 To 12 Months

Bowl with wholegrain flour

A lot of people are under the impression that flour will last forever. This isn’t true.

Flour usually has a life span of six months to one year.

16. Fire Extinguishers 15 Years

Most of us will have a little household fire extinguishers, but what most of us don’t know is that they should be replaced every 15 years.

You should also regularly check it to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the pipe. 

It’s easy to put your fire extinguisher in a cabinet and forget about it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

17. Power Strips 1 To 2 Years

Power strips and surge protectors should be replaced every couple of years.

Power cables only have a certain capacity, and if it exceeds then it can cause a lot of problems with your electricity.

You should also keep an eye on the cord of your power strip, and make sure there is no visible damage! 

18. Disinfectants 3 Months

After about three months, disinfectants become less effective.

If it becomes less effective, then what’s the point of using it to disinfect things?

After three months you should replace it!

19. Bug Spray 2 Years

Because most people use bug spray infrequently, we tend to keep it around until it runs out. This (depending on how much you use) can take a few years!

But you should actually replace it every two years.

After about two years the bug spray loses its potency, meaning it won’t ward off bugs anymore!

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