Parents Blamed Their Son For Grandfather’s Death For 14 Years, Until He Reveals His Biggest Secret

People are capable of incredible things, and I’m not talking about heroics, like saving people from burning buildings and so on.

We can go to extraordinary lengths to protect the people we love, and to look after them.

But what would you do if an ageing family member asked you to help them die? Would you go through with it? What if you were just a kid, and it was a secret from the rest of the family?

There’s a choice that gets harder and harder, but it’s something that actually happened to one person, who’s anonymous online confession is now going viral as people get to grips with their amazing story.

It turns out that this person has carried the burden of being blamed for their grandfather’s death for the past 14 years, and in an attempt to come to terms with that, they turned to Reddit to tell their story.

Maybe it’s to get some closure, perhaps it’s just for their story to finally be heard. But the 28 year old (with the username P***ingInYourCheerios) decided the time was right to anonymously share the story with the internet.

“The way I tell the story is kinda nonchalant,” they say, “It was so long ago that I’ve had time to cope and think about what happened and how it changed me.”

You won’t believe the incredible story that follows!

It turns out that the person’s parents blamed them for the death of a beloved grandparent a long time ago.

It was clear that this ageing grandparent was coming to the end of his natural time, and that his quality of life was deteriorating. Meanwhile, the person telling the story was around 16 years of age.

The grandparent was obviously suffering, and getting worse each time the ambulance was called. But it’s the EMT’s job to save him, and that’s exactly what they kept doing.

That’s when the grandparent decided to take matters into his own hands. He got a Do Not Resuscitate order, or a DNR, which expresses a patient’s wishes not to be revived if something like a cardiac arrest happens to them.

That’s when he revealed his plan to our storyteller, who was told to keep the pact a secret from the rest of the family. The grandparent obviously didn’t want them to go above his head and have the hospital intervene anyway.

Our narrator was called upon to do the unthinkable just a short time later, as their grandfather suffered a massive and fatal heart attack.

It must have been so hard for the person to do, especially at a young age, and no matter what everyone else thought of their actions, they carried out their grandpa’s final wishes.

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