Mom Writes Open Letter To Husband About Why He Needs To Help More With Their Kids

Parenting is tough, especially when you feel you aren’t getting enough support — or help — from your partner. Raising kids is a job both moms and dads should put above all else, but unfortunately, some parents end up doing more (if not most) of the work. That’s what’s been […]

10 Reasons Why McDonald’s Was Better When We Were Kids

Think back to your childhood and you’ll probably remember that going to McDonald’s was a rare treat (in more ways than one). Besides the deliciously unhealthy junk food we got in our Happy Meals, the fast food restaurant had a whole host of wonderful things to not only keep our […]

Don’t Use Or Ingest Ginger If You Have Any of These Four Conditions

Ginger is a highly nutritious plant. In fact, it’s widely used as a folk medicine for a number of conditions. That’s because its active components, including gingerol and shogaols, have a ton of health benefits to offer. This amazing plant also has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a […]

Woman Travels 500 Miles To Meet Date Only To Find Out She Was Victim Of ‘Pull A Pig’ Prank

Sophie Stevenson had the misfortune of being in Barcelona when the unfortunate van attack took place that robbed 16 citizens of their lives and injured countless others. Sophie was able to narrowly avoid a disaster and she even made a new friend in the process. Jesse Mateman happened to be […]

Woman Walks Past Homeless Man Every Day, Then He Hands Her A Note Revealing His True Identity

Raimundo Arrudo Sobrihno has lived on the streets of Brazil for 35 years. To maintain his sanity, the 77-year-old former book dealer and Gardner writes poetry and short stories even though no one would read them. As is the case with many writers, Raimundo hoped his words could someday be […]

Ellen’s Show Interrupted By A Call Alerting Audience Member That It’s About Her Sick Daughter

Ellen DeGeneres has made a name for herself by becoming the type of comedienne who does things that few would expect her to. A recent episode of her talk show left a number of viewers confused and for good reason. While there are often unexpected surprises on her show, this […]

5 Exercises And One Affordable Drink That’ll Help You Blast Belly Fat Fast

They say summer bodies are made in winter. But someone needs to tell that to the baked mac n cheese I just ate last night, because neither it nor I got the memo. As swimsuit season fast approaches, a lot of us start feeling a little less than confident in […]